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LAB invites community contributions

What is LAB?

The Logging Application Block (LAB) allows you to decouple your logging functionality from your application code. The block can route log entries to a Windows Event Log, a database, or a text (or XML) file. It can also generate an email message containing the logging information, a message you can route through Windows Message Queuing (using a distributor service provided with the block). And, if none of these built-in capabilities meets your requirements, you can create a provider that sends the log entry to any other custom location or executes some other action.
In your application, you simply generate a log entry using a suitable logging object, such as the LogWriter class, and then call a method to write the information it contains to the logging system. The Logging block routes the log message through any filters you define in your configuration, and on to the listeners that you configure. Each listener defines the target of the log entry, such as Windows Event Log or an email message, and uses a formatter to generate suitably formatted content for that logging target.

How do I use LAB?

Official releases are available via Nuget. You can also head to for additional information, documentation, videos, and hands-on labs.
If you want to try out the latest changes that have not been officially released yet, signed interim builds of the LAB code base will be made available via gallery.

What is going on?

We use the Issue Tracker for updating the product backlog (both feature requests and bugs).

How do I contribute?

We welcome your contributions. Check out project and contribution guidelines.

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