Allow subjectLineStarter and subjectLineEnder to be Empty


As a developer/dev ops I want to be able to send emails with the subject as the severity and not to have to remember to add a space to configuration to avoid an exception.

As per http://entlib.codeplex.com/discussions/543985 between EntLib 5 and EntLib 6 subjectLineStarter and subjectLineEnder were made mandatory. Remove the validation (revert to EntLib 5 behavior) to allow the starter and ender to be left off (and just have the email subject be the severity).


daveshapiro wrote May 6, 2014 at 2:19 PM

To add to the confusion, this validation is done when attempting to initialize EntLib's Logger (via Logger.SetLogWriter(new LogWriterFactory().Create())). When using the EntLib 6 configuration console to generate the entlib configuration, neither subjectLineStarter nor subjectLineEnder are indicated as manadatory in the validation.